Cross Park Master Plan & Phase I Improvements

Pierce County Parks & Recreation

Frederickson, WA

Historically functioning as the Mayflower Dairy Farm, Cross Park is a 64-acre site surrounded by single-family residential and rural properties. The park and community center lies in the heart of an urbanizing area, and the new park features environmentally friendly, much-needed outdoor and indoor recreation spaces. HBB facilitated a community-based design process to develop an overall master plan for the site, and then developed final design for the initial phase of improvements. The first phase included adaptive reuse of the historic barns as a new community center, new parking and circulation through the site, and a new playground, open space and picnic area. Improved parking and a connection to the adjacent Naches Trail Preserve was also part of the first phase of improvements. The outdoor events space is carefully aligned to maximize the environmental context of the site and provide unique backdrop for programming and other events at the park and community center. All site stormwater is collected, treated, and allowed to infiltrate back into the groundwater system. The park also includes plans for the important on-going restoration of the headwaters of Clover Creek and the adjacent priority habitat of prairie grassland, white oak savannah, stream, and wetlands.