Port of Everett Waterfront Place Central

Port of Everett

Everett, WA

Waterfront Place Central is a redevelopment of Everett’s working waterfront to incorporate commercial, recreational, and residential uses. Located at the shoreline of the Snohomish River Waterway, the project is envisioned as a pedestrian-friendly destination that honors its maritime industrial past. The site is defined by districts which represent unique facets of Everett’s industrial heritage and collectively convey a sense of place. These districts include the Esplanade, Millwright, Craftsman, Wharf’s Edge, and Fisherman’s Harbor Districts. HBB is providing landscape architectural services to set the character, define open space, and enhance public access for all districts. Improvements includes open esplanades, park open spaces, curbless streets and urban plazas. Several phases of construction have been completed and others are currently in design in coordination with private development to transform this waterfront into a vibrant place to live, work and play.