Port Angeles WTIP Phase 2 - Waterfront Trail

City of Port Angeles

Port Angeles, WA

HBB was part of the multi-disciplinary team that developed the overall Waterfront & Transportation Improvement Plan and final construction documents for multiple phases of implementation, including streetscape improvements along the new Waterfront Trail. The Waterfront Trail is delineated by artist-designed, embedded trail markers. They consist of blocks of color glass with bronze-etched directional arrows that occur every 20 feet along the trail. The glass blocks glow in the daylight and lamplight as they use reflected light to deepen the colors. Where the trail connects to Pebble Beach Park, concrete spheres were designed to recognize the cultural history of the community with a timeline of major events in the history of the city. The Waterfront Trail integrates with the waterfront esplanade and Pebble Beach Park, both developed in other phases of the overall plan, before connecting to the Valley Creek Estuary restoration site and the Olympic Discovery Trail.