SR-520 Eastside Transit and HOV – Transit Corridor


Bellevue, WA

HBB worked with WSDOT and local jurisdictions to develop a new regional trail connection as part of the larger transportation infrastructure project, connecting the existing trail east of I-405 to the new SR-520 bridge across Lake Washington. A shared use path was also developed along one side of the Bellevue Way Bridge to connect the regional trail to downtown Bellevue, with small seating nodes integrated into the design to provide a place to rest along the long hill-climb towards downtown Bellevue. Additional connections to the adjacent neighborhoods were designed into each of the three lids that create a new open space bridging the gap between communities across SR-520. The three community lids provide a variety of additional public amenities, including open space, plazas, site furnishings, planting, and transit facilities. Native and drought tolerant plants create a northwest evergreen backdrop along the length of the trail corridor with a focus on plant types with white accents to reflect on the natural palette of a northwest forest.