Lynnwood Link Extension

Sound Transit

Lynnwood, WA

The Lynnwood Link Extension project provides 8.5-miles of light rail from Seattle’s Northgate neighborhood to Lynnwood along the I-5 corridor. HBB provided landscape architectural services for the two stations in the City of Shoreline near the 145th and 185th intersections. Both stations are accompanied by parking garages and transit centers as multi-modal transportation hubs. Planting designs provide a cohesive element for both stations, while unique paving treatments provide assist in station identification and neighborhood placemaking. Each station reflects the characteristics of its immediate surroundings within Shoreline, emphasizing the native evergreen conifer trees that are prevalent throughout the city. The 145th Street Station includes metal inlay strips and sandblasted concrete finishes in the form of Western Red Cedar boughs. Stormwater is collected and treated within the landscape and coordinated with public art features. A curbless passenger drop off area includes custom designed seating, bollards, and pedestrian scale lighting. The 185th Street Station includes custom designed benches in the form of Douglas Fir needles. A new plaza creates an inviting gateway to the station. Connections are included for future regional multi-use paths at both stations. HBB’s services included public outreach graphics, planting, irrigation and urban design, and tree protection.