25th Anniversary Party

With lots of assistance from our clients, family, and friends, we celebrated our 25th Anniversary on October 28, 2015. The evening was filled with delicious bites and wines, lively conversation, and a few ‘my-how-you’ve-grown’ comments to our thriving staff with growing families. After 25 years, these are some of the things we don’t think about when starting out, but become the stories that knit us together. The night wouldn’t be complete without a few carefully chosen words by HBB President Juliet Vong, honoring the team at HBB (both past and present), valued clients and vendors, and the contributions of the firm’s founders, Colie Hough-Beck and Fred Beck who guided and continue to support HBB’s success. With our four foot high ‘25’ sign filled with well wishes from you all as a reminder and displayed on our lobby wall, we will continue to build on all the relationships that make our success possible.

Special thanks to graphic designers Effective Design Studio, photographer David Kronstad, and Café Fonté and Wine Bar for helping to make our event a success.