Park(ing) Day 2012

On September 21, 2012, HBB staff transformed an on-street parking space outside our office into Palletable Plant Park. Coordinated with other (PARK)ing Day events throughout Seattle and the Seattle Design Festival, we had visitors throughout the day stop by, relax, and enjoy our park. Using recycled shipping pallets, Palletable Plants Park highlighted the culinary and ornamental value of various plants while exhibiting what can be done with little more than an open parking space, recycled materials, and versatile plants. The park included outdoor benches, tables, and chairs constructed by HBB staff from recycled shipping pallets to provide opportunities for sitting and outdoor gathering. PARK(ing) Day is an event held once a year around the world that provides designers, artists, activists and community members the opportunity to remake a parking space. Seattle Department of Transportation is the sponsoring agency of the event in Seattle. Working together, our team provided the ideas, coordination and quality needed to make the space a success.