Client Responsiveness

Effective communication with our clients is considered to be one of the most important aspects of HBB’s work. Our firm is built on the philosophy that our clients come first. Each of our clients has preferences in methods of communication, and we adapt our methods accordingly. Input from our clients is sought and encouraged during all phases of the planning and design process to ensure that client concerns are addressed. This process is used as a proactive approach to listen and provide responsible solutions to often complex project challenges. Budget and schedule monitoring occur at regular intervals, and our clients are kept informed of their project status through verbal and written communications. Our diligence in keeping accurate records and providing clear communication enables us to provide quick responses to project concerns and to maximize project opportunities. As a result, we offer:

  • a responsive, creative, and individualized approach to communicating planning and design items.
  • a high degree of personal attention to each client.
  • single-point responsibility on each project by a project manager.
  • open, clear, and concise communication to facilitate a strong working relationship.